(FOE-TOE-MAH-KEE)   Derived from futomaki. Large cylindrical sushi, often vegetarian, with fillings chosen to complement each other

Hello, we are Sarah + Kristeen. We are Fotomaki.

We have been timmybiffs (ask us) since 2003, when we met working (in the loosest sense of the word) in a bowling alley whilst studying at university in Aberdeen.

Sarah loves foxes, peanut butter and laughing heartily at It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia.

Kristeen is a crazy cat lady who loves being warm and watching Studio Ghibli movies.

We both have a strong belief in karma and positivity and we want to bring as much happiness as we can to our lives and yours in the hope that it will be paid forward.

Fotomaki Photography was founded in 2012 to stand against the vampires, the demons and the forces of darkness. Oh no wait, that’s Buffy.



Hello! I’m the Sarah half of Fotomaki. When it comes to shooting weddings, I’m a big sucker for the emotional moments of the day. Like when your parent sees you all dressed up for the first time and starts to tear up, I’m tearing up too but I’m there with the camera to my (teary) eye to capture it. I love non-traditional weddings and outdoor weddings (when we get the weather for them!). I love everything on Offbeat Bride, it was my wedding bible when I was planning my own! I live for those emotional close-ups, authentic heartfelt moments of joy and all the thoughtful details that you have put into your wedding day.

Working with Kristeen — and being her fotomaki wife — makes me feel like we are trying our best to spread a little joy around the world, and that makes me very happy. When I’m not fotomaki-ing you’ll find me staring out my back window at the foxes and squirrels and making up names for them while eating something peanut butter flavoured. I’m a pesky vegetarian, married to a wonderful board game geek and we live in Ralston – which is just a hop, skip and a jump (quite literally) from the border of Glasgow. Originally from the North East coast, I moved to Glasgow in 2006 and confuse everyone with my hybrid accent.


Hello! I am Kristeen, also known as Steen, the other half of Fotomaki Photography. Like Sarah, I am also a sucker for the emotional moments and sometimes they come in forms you don’t expect. The best man poking fun at the groom or in the middle of an eight some reel! I also love a good ceilidh as it is such a great way to get the party started. Along with capturing the emotional moments of a wedding, I love to capture the little details, the things that can slip from memory. It is our job to preserve these special touches in images, whether it is the name cards on the tables or the bracelets that the bride gave the bridesmaids as gifts, after all, these are what makes your wedding day truly yours.

When I am not shooting weddings I am at home being cosy with my two Maine Coon cats and partner Phil. Yes, I am a crazy cat lady and proud. I have the t-shirt to prove it and occasionally you’ll even hear me meowing along to a song on the radio. We live a quiet life in the seaside town of Stonehaven in Aberdeenshire enjoying the countryside whenever the weather allows. When I am not in Stonehaven or Glasgow with Sarah, I can also be found visiting family in Fraserburgh, where I grew up, and Perth where I also have family 

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