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Shop Local ~ Joe & Steph of The Bygone Photobooth Company

Interviews with local business owners in Glasgow & Aberdeen by Fotomaki PhotographyWelcome to our latest ongoing project!

Over the coming months, we’ll be featuring “portrait interviews” with local businesses in the Glasgow & Aberdeen areas.

“What on earth is a portrait interview?!” we hear you cry! Well, essentially we photograph and interview local business owners to learn about their livelihood and background, and share all of the juicy details with you.

You’ll get to learn behind-the-scenes stories of cool local traders, gain professional (and sometimes life) advice from people who have been there and done it, and you’ll also get to know a group of local creative entrepreneurs.


Next up we have Steph & Joe, the masterminds behind The Bygone Photobooth Company

It all began when an East End boy met a West End girl. In Bloc. And it was heart shaped eyes at first sight… At least for Joe anyway. His persistence when it came to wooing Steph soon paid off and he whisked her out on an amazing first date. It even featured, at Steph’s request, a homemade mask; a sign of things to come perhaps?

When I asked who inspired them to set up their own business Joe is quick to answer, “Steph, 100% she is the brains behind it all”.

“It was a team effort”, says Steph.

“Bollocks,” says Joe, “Steph is always pushing to be better, and up her game, always pushing us to be better people.” Steph is getting a bit misty eyed at this, it’s all too cute.

They didn’t know what kind of business they wanted to run, they just knew they wanted to make it on their own and be self-employed. In Steph’s own words to Joe, “I want to start something, are you with me?”

Joe naturally said “Yes!”

After completing a black and white film class at Glasgow School of Art and having fallen in love with vintage film techniques; the ball had begun rolling on their photo booth idea.

Bygone Photobooth Vintage Cameras by Fotomaki Photography

Their collection of 4 vintage cameras, one was even made in St Vincent St, Glasgow!

To make their dream a reality, they decided to start saving hard. To finance ‘Bygone’ they worked 5 jobs between them and stayed in Joe’s parent’s conservatory on a mattress. Dedication level: maximum! They started sourcing all the equipment they would need, one piece at a time. Despite large boxes being delivered every week and then piled high in the conservatory (for what would become The Bygone Photobooth Company), they somehow managed to keep everything a secret from their friends and family initially.

The planning stage lasted for a year and everything was meticulously organised. And still, nobody knew what they were up to. How they kept it a secret for so long, I do not know. Behind the scenes, they had all their social media and website waiting to be launched and a grand unveiling was planned at ‘Blitzed’, a 1940’s themed club night at The Old Hairdressers. It was the perfect accompaniment to the vintage themed affair. Their photobooth was a runaway success and on the 28th of February 2014, ‘The Bygone Photobooth’ was born!

The Bygone Photobooth Company

Top left picture from their first outing at Blitzed from, Bottom left photobooth set up picture by Martin D Barker, Main photobooth picture supplied by Bygone Photobooth Company

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