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Shop Local ~ Catrina Duthie, Wedding Planner of Love Cat D Weddings & Events

Interviews with local business owners in Glasgow & Aberdeen by Fotomaki PhotographyWelcome to our latest ongoing project!

Over the coming months, we’ll be featuring “portrait interviews” with local businesses in the Glasgow & Aberdeen areas.

“What on earth is a portrait interview?!” we hear you cry! Well, essentially we photograph and interview local business owners to learn about their livelihood and background, and share all of the juicy details with you.

You’ll get to learn behind-the-scenes stories of cool local traders, gain professional (and sometimes life) advice from people who have been there and done it, and you’ll also get to know a group of local creative entrepreneurs.


This time Sarah’s speaking with the uber-organised brains behind Love Cat D Weddings & Events, Catrina Duthie!

Love Cat D Glasgow Wedding Planner Interview

Have you thought about wedding planning?”, her boyfriend Andrew (now husband) asked. She hadn’t, until now. It played to all of her strengths; her love of organising (I totally get this, love me some organising ~ Sarah), her desire to help people and her soft spot for being part of such a happy occasion.

Cat’s a born and bred islander. Growing up in Mossbank, Shetland meant “complete and utter freedom as a kid. As long as you’re home for your dinner, all was well.” Ah, island life… With two younger sisters, Cat has always been the organised one (or the bossy one as she says); always trying to help her wee sisters “learn faster” at school. Her adventurous streak saw her leave Shetland at 16 and head off to study performing arts at college in Coventry. It was here that her confidence to speak to new people was founded.

Love Cat D Glasgow Wedding Planner Interview

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Shop Local ~ Joe & Steph of The Bygone Photobooth Company

Interviews with local business owners in Glasgow & Aberdeen by Fotomaki PhotographyWelcome to our latest ongoing project!

Over the coming months, we’ll be featuring “portrait interviews” with local businesses in the Glasgow & Aberdeen areas.

“What on earth is a portrait interview?!” we hear you cry! Well, essentially we photograph and interview local business owners to learn about their livelihood and background, and share all of the juicy details with you.

You’ll get to learn behind-the-scenes stories of cool local traders, gain professional (and sometimes life) advice from people who have been there and done it, and you’ll also get to know a group of local creative entrepreneurs.


Next up we have Steph & Joe, the masterminds behind The Bygone Photobooth Company

It all began when an East End boy met a West End girl. In Bloc. And it was heart shaped eyes at first sight… At least for Joe anyway. His persistence when it came to wooing Steph soon paid off and he whisked her out on an amazing first date. It even featured, at Steph’s request, a homemade mask; a sign of things to come perhaps?

When I asked who inspired them to set up their own business Joe is quick to answer, “Steph, 100% she is the brains behind it all”.

“It was a team effort”, says Steph.

“Bollocks,” says Joe, “Steph is always pushing to be better, and up her game, always pushing us to be better people.” Steph is getting a bit misty eyed at this, it’s all too cute.

They didn’t know what kind of business they wanted to run, they just knew they wanted to make it on their own and be self-employed. In Steph’s own words to Joe, “I want to start something, are you with me?”

Joe naturally said “Yes!”

After completing a black and white film class at Glasgow School of Art and having fallen in love with vintage film techniques; the ball had begun rolling on their photo booth idea.

Bygone Photobooth Vintage Cameras by Fotomaki Photography

Their collection of 4 vintage cameras, one was even made in St Vincent St, Glasgow!

To make their dream a reality, they decided to start saving hard. To finance ‘Bygone’ they worked 5 jobs between them and stayed in Joe’s parent’s conservatory on a mattress. Dedication level: maximum! They started sourcing all the equipment they would need, one piece at a time. Despite large boxes being delivered every week and then piled high in the conservatory (for what would become The Bygone Photobooth Company), they somehow managed to keep everything a secret from their friends and family initially.

The planning stage lasted for a year and everything was meticulously organised. And still, nobody knew what they were up to. How they kept it a secret for so long, I do not know. Behind the scenes, they had all their social media and website waiting to be launched and a grand unveiling was planned at ‘Blitzed’, a 1940’s themed club night at The Old Hairdressers. It was the perfect accompaniment to the vintage themed affair. Their photobooth was a runaway success and on the 28th of February 2014, ‘The Bygone Photobooth’ was born!

The Bygone Photobooth Company

Top left picture from their first outing at Blitzed from, Bottom left photobooth set up picture by Martin D Barker, Main photobooth picture supplied by Bygone Photobooth Company

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Shop Local ~ Lisa Franchetti of The Little Cake Parlour, Glasgow

Interviews with local business owners in Glasgow & Aberdeen by Fotomaki PhotographyWelcome to our latest ongoing project!

Over the coming months, we’ll be featuring “portrait interviews” with local businesses in the Glasgow & Aberdeen areas.

“What on earth is a portrait interview?!” we hear you cry! Well, essentially we photograph and interview local business owners to learn about their livelihood and background, and share all of the juicy details with you.

You’ll get to learn behind-the-scenes stories of cool local traders, gain professional (and sometimes life) advice from people who have been there and done it, and you’ll also get to know a group of local creative entrepreneurs.


Let’s kick things off with Lisa Franchetti; founder and owner of The Little Cake Parlour, Glasgow.

The Little Cake Parlour, Glasgow interview by Fotomaki Photography

The idea for The Little Cake Parlour was formed in January 2006, on a trip to Amsterdam. Lisa was mesmerised by a kitsch little cake shop and thought, “Wouldn’t it be great if there was a place like this in Glasgow?”

“You should do it!” said her boyfriend, Declan. It’s all his fault apparently.

Lisa had always felt at home in the kitchen. In fact, she had a talent that been passed down through the generations from her Grandmother. And so the adventure began. The seeds of what would become The Little Cake Parlour had been sown and on her return to Glasgow she would see her Mum and state proudly “I’m going to be a baker!”

In the humble beginnings of her parent’s home, the planning of Lisa’s exciting new business began. She started selling cakes and cookies to local cafes and hosted a stall at weekend farmer’s markets. I don’t know how their oven wasn’t worn out as things took off fast! Her specialty was cupcakes, which at the time were quite new to the UK, and people loved them. Wedding cupcake orders began flooding in as brides were keen to stand out from the crowd with their chosen cake. The Little Cake Parlour was ahead of the curve on this one, maybe even the cupcake trendsetter. Things progressed quickly and Lisa found herself doing less wholesale and more bespoke orders. In 2008/2009 she did 60 cupcake wedding orders alone! In need of more space to bake and a place to meet and consult with all her new wedding clients; in late 2009, The Little Cake Parlour shop in Pollokshaws, Glasgow was opened.

The cupcake craze was at its peak at this point. Due to the success of the shop, Lisa was run off her feet with queues out the door. “It was mad”, she says. The dream of opening a quirky cake shop in Glasgow had been achieved. And she doesn’t just make cakes for the ‘average Joe’ either. Providing the cakes for the MOBO awards has been a highlight of her career with My Chemical Romance, McFly and Ed Sheeran also featuring among her star-studded clientele.

The Little Cake Parlour, Glasgow interview by Fotomaki Photography

Some of Lisa’s beautiful cake creations on display at her studio.

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Michael & Leanne’s Offbeat DIY Cortes House Wedding, Aberdeenshire

Michael & Leanne’s Offbeat DIY Cortes House Wedding, Aberdeenshire

Cortes House Wedding Aberdeenshire by Fotomaki Photography


I knew Leanne & Michael were going to be our fotomaki friends as soon as we met them. Their house is filled with objects from think geek, including an 8-bit vase that I have been asking my husband to buy me forever (he still hasn’t). Everywhere I looked in their house was filled with personality, I remember thinking, “This couple are so geeky and cool!”.

We knew the wedding would be the same, and it was. These are two people who wanted to be married and to do it in their style. Which we loved! There were so many personal and unique touches to Leanne and Michael’s wedding, it was a masterclass in how to pull off a DIY wedding with the help of your family and friends.

They hired Cortes House in Aberdeenshire, an amazing country manor and set about turning it into the beautiful wedding space you see below. Every room had a fun new function. There was a PlayStation with a projector in the basement and racing car simulator seats too! There were board games in the library, alongside an ice cream cart from Portsoy Ice Cream and a photo booth later on too. The dining hall was now the dancefloor, the bedrooms were hair and makeup prep stations and the beautiful central staircase of the house a plan B for an indoor ceremony in case of rain.

We needn’t have worried, even though it was October, it was a beautifully mild and sunny day! The ceremony would take place outside in the beautiful gardens as we hoped!

As you can see below, this Cortes House wedding was not a “wedding” but “That Wedding Thing”. They didn’t want your usual traditional affair, but a wedding that was truly them.

Leanne handmade the paper origami flowers for her bouquet, they were gorgeous, and she can keep them forever!

When she told me she was inspired by Offbeat Bride, I knew we were a perfect fit, it’s my favourite wedding blog and the reason I (Sarah) wanted to have a wedding in the first place.

To me weddings had always been the traditional big white debacle – no thank you. Discovering blogs like Offbeat Bride you suddenly realise a wedding can be whatever you want it to be! It’s just a party with two people getting married, it doesn’t have to be all monograms and chair covers, the world is your oyster folks, especially these days with so many awesome and quirky small businesses popping up to help your awesome wedding ideas come true! And not forgetting family and friends to help out too. Which at this wedding they did, lots!

As soon as we arrived, Leanne’s Dad was wrangling giant LOVE balloons downstairs, and tying them to the outdoor railings for a backdrop. Friends were putting out chairs for the seating arrangement, and Michael, well he was playing PlayStation – but it was his wedding day – we’ll let him off! 😉

The humanist ceremony was such a great fit for this wedding, full of love and laughter. Leanne & Michael wrote their own vows and heard them only for the first time at the ceremony. As fate would have it they both included lyrics from the same Death Cab for Cutie song in them! They are so made for each other!

For food they had an outdoor BBQ catered by Eatbeetroot with delicious burgers, sausages and vegan tacos! Don’t mind if we do, thank you 🙂

The weather stayed great all day, enabling the guests to mingle inside and outside the house; it was a very chilled vibe which I think is exactly what they were going for. At night the dancing began and the photo booth was filled. Everyone just looked so happy, they definitely had the ‘that wedding thing’ of their dreams. Enjoy the fun filled photos below!

Many congratulations to Leanne & Michael on their awesomely offbeat Cortes House wedding thing!!

~Sarah (& Kristeen)


Cortes House Wedding Aberdeenshire by Fotomaki Photography

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Elaine & Parin’s Scottish & Indian fused Lochgreen House Hotel Wedding, Troon

Elaine & Parin’s Scottish & Indian fused Lochgreen House Hotel Wedding, Troon

Elaine & Parin chose their Lochgreen House Hotel Wedding venue very well, it is stunning! And on the West coast, in February, meant a West coast sunset!! It did not disappoint. Elaine & Parin were real champs braving the Scottish February weather for us to get some fantastic shots of them on the Troon Golf Course while the sun went down.

We love how Elaine & Parin had two ceremonies to represent both their faiths and heritage and show them coming together. The first a Church of Scotland ceremony and the second a Hindu wedding ceremony – with a fire pit! Both Bride and Groom had two changes of outfits to show their new blended union. Elaine wore a stunning wedding dress and then later changed into a sari to party. Parin looked so handsome in his traditional Indian attire and then changed into a rather fetching kilt for the latter half of the day!

There were so many little touches that brought both heritages together…  There was a quaich during the Church ceremony, Elaine’s Mum homemade all of the shortbread favours, and the menu was both Scottish and Indian inspired. The colours and theme for their wedding day were purple and peacock feathers, so elegant!

The reception kicked off with a Ceilidh band which everyone had such an amazing time at! The band also had their own fused style of mixing traditional ceilidh dancing with modern songs, which was great!

Their signing board was a gorgeous purple watercolour map of the world so that people could sign from where they had travelled from, which was literally all over the world, to witness this marriage!

So, from the luxury of your seat, enjoy!! And many congratulations to Elaine & Parin!

Sarah (& Kristeen)

Lochgreen House Hotel Wedding Troon by Fotomaki Photography


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Terri & Joseph’s Intimate & Musical St Mungo Museum Wedding, Glasgow

Terri & Joseph’s Intimate & Musical St Mungo Museum Wedding, Glasgow

Kristeen literally shrieked in my ear when I told her we had booked an awesome couple who both worked in musical theatre in London’s West End. Shrieked I tell you. Can you tell she is a total musicals geek?

My lovely friend Marj, who is Terri’s good friend, suggested we meet to see if we were a good fit to be their wedding day photographers. As soon as we met it was as if we had been friends all along. I love Terri and Joe, they are the sweetest couple, and you can tell they are lobsters – musical lobsters – for life. I love how emotional Joe is and that he wasn’t afraid to admit that he was going to cry hard on the wedding day.

And it was the best wedding day – we had SO much fun!

For a bright yet intimate feel, having a St Mungo Museum wedding is a great idea for a venue!  It has a lovely ceremony room and the location, right next to the Cathedral and Necropolis, made it a fantastic location for photos.

Terri, Joseph and all their guests then had a lovely walk down to George Square where they were having their reception at Browns Restaurant, but not before we did some great group shots right in George Square!

There was so much laughter, joy and happy tears throughout the whole day, Kristeen and I never stopped smiling from behind the camera. I think this truly shows in the photos that everyone there was overjoyed for the happy couple and that they too felt so lucky to be marrying one another.

These are some of our favourite photos we have taken, so I’m sure you’ll enjoy them.

Massive congrats to Terri and Joe on their wedding AND on their 1 year anniversary today!! I loved reliving this day and I’m sure their friends and family will too.


Sarah (& Kristeen)

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Emma & Jane’s Scottish Highland Beach Wedding

Emma & Jane’s Scottish Highland Beach Wedding, Portmahomack, Easter Ross

Emma and I were flatmates when we were both students at Robert Gordon’s University, Aberdeen, way, way back in 2002! When she announced her and Jane were getting married I was over the moon for them and I knew it would be an artsy, DIY, intimate wedding, so when she asked Kristeen and I to photograph it we were both ridiculously excited.

Emma and Jane met at Gray’s School of Art at Robert Gordon’s University and their artistic talents were brought to the fore for their awesome wedding. Emma’s talents lie in woodwork and Jane is a jewellery designer, which meant they were able to beautifully handcraft their own unique wedding rings!

The venue Emma and Jane decided to choose was their back garden in Portmahomack, (a picturesque fishing village on the east coast of the Highlands). We love, love, love this idea! Imagine being able to look out at your garden every day and be reminded of your amazing wedding day!

A family friend, who is also a humanist celebrant, officiated, and all of Emma and Jane’s family and friends (and I’m pretty sure the whole village – as even the local the shop had to close early!) played a part to bringing everything together and making it a day to remember!

With two artistic brides at the helm, there were lots of special DIY touches to the day and my particular favourite was the favours. Emma and Jane scoured the Portmahomack beach for months before the wedding for washed up pieces of porcelain. They then made these fragments into beautiful keyrings as keepsakes for all the guests! There were also sachets of wildflower seeds for everyone representing Emma and Jane’s love of nature.

For the photographs, the only request for us was to capture Emma and Jane on the beach at sunset – a request that we were only too happy to fulfill! Uniquely, Portmahomack is an east coast village that faces to the west producing spectacular sunset views in the evening, and, as I’m sure you’ll agree from the photos below, the request was a great idea!

We would like thank Emma and Jane for inviting us to be part of their wedding day and wish them all the best for their long and happy future together!!

Sarah (& Kristeen)

lesbian-gay-scottish-highlands-wedding-scotland (1)

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Kathryn and Gary’s Woodend Barn Wedding, Banchory

Kathryn and Gary’s Woodend Barn Wedding, Banchory, Aberdeenshire

As the weather so often can be in the North East of Scotland, August the 15th last year provided a typically changeable day. The rain could not put a dampener on the day though as Kathryn and Gary laughed and smiled throughout their beautiful and heartfelt celebrations at their Woodend Barn wedding.

After a laughter-filled morning of wedding preparations at The Hideaway, Gateside Farm, Lumphanan, Banchory, Kathryn looked radiant as she made her way to the beautifully situated Woodend Barn, whose rustic charm and scenic surroundings fit in perfectly with such a relaxed and beautiful day. The Lang Byre Gallery had been decorated by Gary and his team in the morning and Fotomaki would like to give a special mention to the bunting, we love some pretty bunting!

When Gary saw Kathryn walking up the aisle his face lit up and the eyes of many a guest welled up too. As you can see by the photos the ceremony brought laughter, especially where the Quaich was involved, and also many moving moments as Gary and Kathryn exchanged their self-penned vows.

Between the ceremony and reception, drinks and food were enjoyed by the guests as we stole the newlyweds away for some photos with their families. A particular favourite photo of mine is Kathryn and Gary with Gary’s best man Martin and his family. Little Tallulah was perfectly coordinated with Kathryn’s vibrant bouquet of sunflowers and giant daisies and really makes with photo pop. Also knowing the closeness of Gary and Martin really makes this photo special.

Following some mingling and many hugs the new Mr & Mrs Cameron invited everyone to take their seats for a delicious meal provided by Buchanans Food, who also run the Bistro attached to Woodend barn. Jan, the excellent wedding coordinator for this Woodend Barn wedding, ensured the serving of the meal and the entire day ran smoothly. Luckily, afterwards, the rain had given up and we were able to whisk the gorgeous couple off to create some keepsake images of their day. Tucked away behind the Woodend Barn is a beautiful wild garden where we were able to take Kathryn and Gary. It really provided a perfect setting for us to capture some tender moments between the bride and groom.

Then it was off to dance the night away Scottish style at a ceilidh with music provided by Danse McCabre. Between Kathryn’s infectious laugh, Gary’s intelligent and moving speeches and the superb attention to detail during the celebrations it really was a wedding day to remember. We would like to wish Mr & Mrs Cameron (wa-hey!) all the best for the future.

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Katy & Rikki’s Spring Wedding at Moorpark House Hotel

Katy & Rikki’s Spring Wedding at New Kilpatrick Church, Bearsden, Glasgow & Moorpark House Hotel, Ayrshire.

Katy & Rikki were blessed with a gorgeous spring day for their April wedding. We had the pleasure of having the whole day with them, which we love, and got to capture everything including the preparations leading up to the ceremony, and beyond right into the evening’s dancing!

They met at a beer tasting in The Good Spirits Co on Bath Street, Glasgow (they even still have the original tasting menu and ticket framed – cute!!) and that had a place in the theme for the day, whisky & beer! Sounds good to us 🙂

The venue, Moorpark House Hotel, was super! A whole country house to themselves! Well, and their friends and family! The whole venue can be booked, including rooms, making for a very intimate and cozy occasion. The roaring log fire in the snug also helped with that! (We love a fire!)

They booked a band that they seen busking in Glasgow city centre (Tom McGuire & The Brassholes) which is an awesome way to support local and upcoming musicians. We have provided links at the end to everyone who helped make this such a great day for they happy couple and all of their friends and family.

Our favourite shots have to be the confetti shot at the church door, we asked them to provide confetti and they gave us 48 boxes of it!! Yessss! The more confetti the better – as you will see!!

We wish them every happiness for the future, and we know they have already added to this by having had a wee baby girl at the beginning of the year!! Many congratulations to Rikki & Katy and all the very best for the future!

Enjoy the photos!

Sarah & Kristeen

Moorpark House Hotel

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What Does a Wedding Day Timeline Usually Look Like?

If you’ve never been involved in planning a wedding before, you might not know how much there is to fit in one day! Here is a brief guide to what a wedding day timeline usually looks like.

Hope this helps!

10am: Preparations begin. Hair, Make-up, champagne (required), getting dressed, flowers delivered, and photographer arrives

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