Welcome! Sarah + Kristeen here to let you know how we are going to capture your families unique and beautiful relationship.


Why Shoot a Family Session?

Family photos are so important, not just for you but for your children and theirs after them. Think about how excited you would be to see photos of your grandparents, and unless someone took them and preserved them, those memories are no longer recorded anywhere.

Inside every home is a beautiful story of relationships, and photos let you share that amazing story with family and friends. Plus, there is a multitude of uses for the photos we take, including gorgeous art for your walls, gifts for loved ones, a gift for future family and more (like an awesome new profile pic!).

Family Session Details

So what goes into a family session? We’ll meet at your home or a local park, and play some fun games to help warm you up and get those grins out. We will give posing directions but only when required. Most families out for a walk act exactly how we want them to anyway: having fun!

During your family session, you will see that being photographed is not as scary as you might have thought! We’ve had Mums and Dads, camera shy themselves, or fearing their kids wouldn’t behave, tell us that they really enjoyed the session, and it always shows in the photos, which is great. We promise plenty of silly jokes and lots of fun and adventure.

Family Session Cost

Our family sessions cost from £299 and include up to two hours of shooting time, outfit changes, the edited digital files and an optional viewing & ordering session at your home to choose what you want to do with your gorgeous images.

We want these gorgeous images of you up on the walls, yes, in print! So we make it as easy as possible by doing everything for you ;) All you need to do is choose from our hand-picked amazing products. From prints to wall art, we’ve got you covered. Just ask to see our product menu to see all the great pieces we offer.

No. 1

• In-home pre-session consultation
• Up to 2 hours of photography
• Two outfit changes
• 10 Instant film shots
• In-home image reveal & ordering session
• £100 Print credit
• Approx 60 fully edited digital images in an online gallery


No. 2

• Up to 90 minutes of photography
• One outfit change
• In-home image reveal & ordering session
• £50 Print credit
• Approx 45 fully edited digital images in an online gallery


No. 3

• Up to 60 minutes of photography
• In-home image reveal & ordering session
• Approx 30 fully edited digital images in an online gallery