Sarah’s Favourite Photography Quote ~ Personal Post

Sarah’s Favourite Photography Quote

It wasn’t until I had been undertaking photography for a while that I began to realise I appreciate every day a whole lot more.

Everything looks so beautiful. The way the light falls, the way the rain shines. This is probably the mushiest thing I’ve ever written, and my Mum is probably boggling her eyes in disbelief right now, but it’s true!

This photography quote by documentary photographer Dorothea Lange really spoke to me, and I believe photography has really enriched my life in allowing me to appreciate the little things day to day.

I definitely feel a lot happier and can see the beauty in everything around me.


The camera is an instrument photo quote Dorothea Lange by Fotomaki Photography

“The camera is an instrument that teaches you to see without a camera” – Dorothea Lange


The photo is the view from my back garden in Ralston just a few evenings ago, glorious. Would I have noticed this if I had not picked up a camera and learned photography, possibly not.

Everywhere I look now I see composition, I see light, and I see beauty. Even in the mundane, everything looks like it could be a work of art.

It’s a remarkable world we live in, and my love of photography prevents me from forgetting that.

I hope this encourages you to pick up your camera and see your world in a whole new way.

Sarah :)

Do you have a favourite quote? Let me know what it is in the comments!


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