A Secret Garden & A Surprise Proposal Glasgow

Nina & Leila’s Picnic & Surprise Proposal Glasgow at The Secret Garden

couples portrait at surprise proposal picnic

“Sarah, thank you so much!!!! We’ve both just had a tear at the photos, they are so beautiful and capture exactly what we wanted!!!! I don’t think I’ll ever be able to find words to describe how amazing you are!!!”
– Nina & Leila

Yes! I am over the moon to be sharing this blog post, Nina pulled out all the stops for her surprise proposal to Leila and I was so excited to be a part of it. 

It’s the first (and definitely not the last) time I’ve photographed a proposal and I loved it, I can’t wait for my next ones! Nina reached out to my buddies at the fab Scottish Wild Picnics to help her arrange a luxury outdoor picnic for Leila. It’s something Leila has always wanted to do so Nina was planning to combine it with a proposal. I like her style! 

During the planning of said picnic, Nina asked Jean (head honcho at SWP) if she knew of anyone who could take a few pictures and Jean recommended me. The day dawned and it was lovely and sunny. The picnic had been set up at The Secret Garden, an amazing private garden that used to be part of a gigantic country estate in Ayrshire. It can be hired out for all kinds of events – including secret proposals like this! 

Together Jean, Nina and I had hatched a plan. When Leila and Nina arrived I would be hanging around a Scottish Wild Picnics polo shirt with my camera. Jean would introduce me as being there to take photos of the set-up for their promo. Our cover story worked! Leila was overjoyed at the picnic, she was giddy with excitement when she saw the tent and set up the team had put together. I was hovering around in the distance, snapping away while they got themselves settled. Then the big moment arrived. 

Nina turned to Leila and said, “There’s another reason I’ve brought you here…” It took a moment but the penny suddenly dropped for Leila. Nina took out the (gorgeous) ring, popped the question and Leila was a wreck! She just burst into tears. Happy tears, I can assure you! Eventually, she was able to say a big old “YES!”. It was so good, just the perfect proposal, and an absolute honour to witness and be a part of.

Proposal at The Secret Garden, Ayrshire

Nina had, inadvertently, chosen a gorgeous day for the proposal. The skies were blue, the sun was shining. Just perfect for a picnic in a private garden. After the proposal, I took a few photos then left them to bask in their newly engaged-ness (yes, that is a word!) and tuck into their amazing food. I scouted around the gardens looking for the perfect spots for some pictures later on then, as I was heading back to Nina and Leila the heavens opened. It was pouring down. I quickly checked the two of them were ok – they were undercover so were happily chatting away and snuggled up in blankets – before promising to come back to them when the shower stopped. Luckily we didn’t have to wait too long before the sun was shining again and we could go for an explore around The Secret Garden. 

We had full use of the gardens, there are so many amazing nooks and crannies there which made it perfect for some photos of Nina and Leila. Before I left them we decided to wander down to the shore and I asked them to jump up on the rocks for some pictures. Leila was wearing heels but she braved it. It was so worth it, thanks Leila! The portraits looked super cool. Both Nina and Leila were absolutely made up with their photos and I’ll be photographing their wedding soon too, woohoo! It’s so good to have been a part of their proposal and now I get to see more of their journey together. 

It was such a joy to play a part in Nina’s surprise proposal and I’m itching to photograph more. Plus being ‘undercover’ means I get to pretend I’m some kind of secret agent and who doesn’t love doing that?! If you’re planning a proposal and want it captured on camera then let me know, I’ll be there! 

Sarah x

surprise secret garden proposal

scottish wild picnics surprise proposal

scottish wild picnic at a surprise proposal

couples portrait at surprise proposal picnic

Creative Team

Venue: Wild & Imperfect Secret Garden

Picnic: Scottish Wild Picnics

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